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John and Lara


It is with great sadness that I report the death of John Heaton on 21 July from cancer. 

John was English but lived in Germany with his wife Dorle and their two cats Dumpling and Kira.

John and Dorle were very active in animal welfare, both in the local welfare organizations of Germany and in many other countries, including Greece.

They have supported animal welfare causes on Crete for many years, since they visited here and saw so many problems, especially with unsterilized cats. 

A few years ago John drove to Crete with a friend and took cats from the Haven animal shelter, some severely disabled, to new homes in Germany, (see picture).

Since the formation of VOCAL three years ago both Dorle and John have been constantly on call for help and support, and have been a vital part of our success. 

I was fortunate to meet John on two occasions, once in 2006 in Zurich when they came to meet me to collect kittens I had brought for rehoming, and on the second occasion last year when I stayed at their home for a few days.

Although John was already ill, he made me very welcome in their home. John was an interesting and sensitive man with a very kind and gentle nature, this was obvious to everyone who met him.  

My deepest sympathy and condolences to Dorle and all his family.


At the wishes of Dorle, if anyone would like to make a donation to VOCAL in memory of John and his work, this would be greatly appreciated.

Please do so through the VOCAL bank/Paypal details.


A tribute to Bill Marker - Cat Lover

This is a photo of Bill Marker taken in the months before he died of cancer, featured here with his family's beloved cat, Bobby.




Anke died on October 2nd, 2010 from cancer. She had been a great animal lover during her life and for some time had worked as a volunteer at a local shelter. Her beloved cats, which have found good homes after her death, all came from Anja's animal charity "Verein der Katzenfreunde e.V."

Friends of Anke's made a donation to VOCAL after her death.