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Hanne's Feeding Tour



I would like to tell you about my daily feeding tour on the streets in and around Elounda and also those of Agios Nikolaos. It all started in Elounda, the village where I live. At first the aim was to identify areas where groups of cats lived that needed to be sterilised. I then started feeding at the same time every day wherever I saw a group of cats. At the moment the cat population in Elounda is pretty much under control. But I am always on the look out for hidden places, which can't be found at first glance. I usually find these places in gardens off the beaten track, olive groves and back yards.

After the tour through Elounda I carry on to Agios Nikolaos, the fourth biggest town on Crete. There are a few parts of town and bays with tavernas, where cats like to live. By now I am looking after cats at many different places, supply them with food, monitor their health to check for problems and also worm them.

This tour takes me several hours every day. Again and again I find injured cats, which I have to take to the vet in Heraklion, since we do not have a very well equipped vet's practice locally. Heraklion is 82 km away from Elounda. Therefore two or three times a week I spend a whole day doing animal welfare work.

When the tourist seasons ends, my tour becomes even bigger. Everywhere near hotels and shut-down tavernas cats are looking for food and affection. At the moment I am looking after 40 different feeding place... 

Hanne Bartosch