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The work of VOCAL 


  • VOCAL has dozens of feeding areas for cats in and around the villages of Elounda and Agios Nikolaos.
  • They are replenished EVERY DAY, winter and summer, rain or shine.
  • We use over 30kg of cat food EVERY WEEK.
  • VOCAL provides treatments to protect against parasites,we monitor for sickness and injury and identify those in need of neutering.
  • VOCAL runs a neutering programme throughout the year.Between October 2006 and May 2008 VOCAL has sterilized almost 600 cats.  This number continues to grow as our work is ongoing.
  • VOCAL rescues and cares for orphaned kittens and sick or injured cats in volunteers' homes.
  • VOCAL finds homes for kittens or older cats that cannot cope with a free living life.  Some are rehomed on Crete, but many go to new homes in Germany, Switzerland or Holland.
  • VOCAL provides advice and support for all aspects of cat ownership, on care and treatment of owned cats, or for people who are supporting free living cats in their neighbourhood.
  • VOCAL campaigns for greater understanding and tolerance of cats in the community.
  • VOCAL supports local hotels and encourages them to work with us in providing feeding areas for cats and notices for holiday makers.
Local cats at one of the many feeding stations.