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Just a few of the success stories...

It's not only the young and cute kittens that are found homes. Older cats and cats with special health needs or behavioural problems are also found good homes with people who are prepared to take on the responsibility of their care....Darth and Chalkie both had chronic eye problems, Chalkie was also extremely shy.  However, in their new home together in Austria they have had operations on their eyes and are now in excellent health.  Chalkie is also much more relaxed with people.



Darth and Chalky

Sissy was fed at the marina in Agios Nikolaos by a VOCAL volunteer who lives on his boat.  She turned up at the marina when she was barely 8 weeks old and relied very much on his feeding each day to survive and thrive.  However, she was often bullied by other cats and she was not coping well, so we found her a new home in Germany where she is very happy.



Ariel in her home May '09

Ariel was found in early November struggling to stay afloat in the marina at Agios Nikolaos.  A Greek fisherman plucked her out of the water and VOCAL was informed.  She was very cold and in shock.  She was quickly taken to the vet who gave her infusions, vitamins and antibiotics and within 2 hours she was in the home of a VOCAL volunteer on a heated pad.  She was very thin, dehydrated and under-sized, and for several days she appeared depressed and didn't want to groom herself or move about.  At first it was also very difficult to get her to eat, and countless different foods were tried, until one day the volunteer thought about how she had probably lived her life up until she was found.  She bought some small fresh fish and threw one to her, Ariel - named of course, after Walt Disney's The Littlest Mermaid - grabbed the fish and devoured it.  This was the beginning of her recovery. 

Over time she gained strength and became more adventurous in her choice of food. She also became utterly fastidious about grooming, not only herself, but anything else that was close by, other cats, people - hands and faces particularly - and even cushions.  Nothing escaped her attention!   She is the most friendly and gentle of cats.  If a new foster cat came into the home of the volunteer, she was the first to greet it, and of course wash it!  At the end of December Ariel went on to a new home with a family in Germany.  The first news received was that she had fallen in love with the baby and the dog, and, of course, washed them!




Inka has had a few health scares since he arrived in his new home with Sabine in Austria but as this picture shows he is now looking very good and is living a wonderful life.  In the loving family of Sabine, he has received good veterinary care and has recovered well from his time in the pen when he was extremely ill and weighed barely 2.5kg!



Patches lived outside a shop in Agios Nikolaos, where an English lady fed and cared for her, along with many others.  One day she followed her home, made herself comfortable and refused to leave.  She was very affectionate and loving but the lady already had enough cats in her small home, so she asked VOCAL for help.  Within a few weeks we had secured a flight and a foster home for her in Germany.  She is now known as Punktchen and we are told she loves to be cuddled and as soon as someone sits down she jumps on their lap.   

VOCAL also assists the lady in Agios Nikolaos with neutering cats she cares for at her shop and near her home.  Additionally we provide parasite treatments, vaccinations and support for veterinary care when necessary. 



If you've adopted a VOCAL cat, why not send us some pictures and a little description of your cat?

Email: claire.matthews(at) and see your cat featured here!